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February 12th, 2024

To our clients, partners, and team,

This past year, I’ve continuously contemplated a story I read as a kid called The Emperor’s Seed.

The story is about an Emperor who needed to choose a successor. He gave each child a seed, which he knew wouldn't grow, and instructed them to return after a year with their plant. The Emperor then told the children that the child who grew the most beautiful plant would be named the emperor’s successor. A year later, most children presented flourishing plants except Ling, whose pot remained barren. When confronted, Ling confessed to tending the pot daily despite no growth. The emperor revealed that the seeds were boiled and thus wouldn't grow. The other Children’s plants were from different seeds they'd planted. He chose Ling as his successor, emphasizing integrity and courage over outward displays of success.

In the last decade, countless companies emerged suddenly, splashing obscene valuations across the headlines and gripping the public’s attention, only to crash back down to earth just as swiftly as they had soared to dizzying heights. These companies are like the children with Lush plants in “The Emperor’s Seed.” Starting from zero to build The Ordering Force, far away from the flashy successes of Silicon Valley and the tech industry, has often left me feeling like Ling. Nevertheless, nothing beats the basics, or as I like to put it Rock Bottom is a fantastic foundation.

In 2009, a study found that over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list that year were launched during a recession or bear stock market. A company born in a harsh environment is forced to fight for its survival from day one. You can't afford to be flabby when the economy is in a downturn. The scarcity in the market amplifies the regular challenges a small business faces. You must be faster and leaner. Odds of survival are lower, but those who survive in bad times, have a higher change of thriving in good times. Happy Birthday to The Ordering Force! We’ve just turned a year old, and I’m happy to report that we survived our first year and are on track to thrive in our second year.

In Numbers

  • 54% Success Rate on Jobs bid

  • $0 In debt

  • Not Yet Profitable, but covering costs.

When The Ordering Force was launched just over one year ago, we kept our options open regarding the kind of work we wanted to win. We were split between General Contracting (as a paper GC) and Engineering/Project Management. As the year 2023 advanced, it became increasingly evident that the professional services segment of our business held greater viability. Consequently, we have decided to discontinue our general contracting services and double down our efforts to strengthen and expand our professional services. Our website will soon reflect the changes.

Last year, our client base consisted entirely of entities in the private sector, including contractors, property managers, and landlords. Although the individual project sizes were often modest, they provided our team with valuable exposure to the ongoing needs of these clients. Over time, our team has honed a core competency in providing Structural Engineering, HVAC Engineernig, Plumbing Engineering & expediting assistance tailored to the requirements of this client base. This type of work has been pivotal in our growth trajectory and is expected to continue being a significant portion of our business in the upcoming year. Unlike larger-scale projects, which can be susceptible to economic downturns, the nature of our work for these clients offers a more resilient revenue stream. This resilience stems from the diversity of our client base, as well as the fact that these clients often cannot afford to delay necessary work due to potential fines and compliance issues. As a result, this niche market segment provides us with a stable foundation for sustained growth and profitability.

2023 Quarter 4 saw our first entry into marketing, including e-mail marketing, print advertisements, and client outreach. The success due to marketing cannot be understated, and we are currently expanding these efforts.

2023 Quarter 3 presented an opportunity to serve a large consulting firm on an MTA Mega Project to provide engineering services for a CBTC project. Unfortunately, the project failed to materialize. The experience, however, exposed our team to the bidding process and demonstrated our ability to execute bids and serve on a job of that scale if needed. We intend to pursue more of these opportunities in the coming year with larger firms. However, we are currently limited by our lack of DBE/MBE/WBE certifications with the agencies that care for them, which poses an obstacle to serving as a sub-consultant on many of these jobs. For this reason, we are also exploring opportunities with many of the more significant industrial concerns in the NY Metro region, including utility companies, manufacturers, and companies building data centers.

Our apparent weaknesses, such as our size and limited resources, are our greatest assets. During economic downturns, large size and extensive resources can become burdensome liabilities. For instance, while larger players in the region are struggling with the lack of activity in commercial real estate, we're navigating this challenge more easily. As a company born during difficult times, we learned to operate efficiently and adapt quickly in order to survive. We will continue to move aggressively and swiftly in the upcoming year, exploiting these advantages we possess over more established competitors.

2023 was all  laying the foundation.


2024 godwilling, will build upon that foundation and bring more growth and prosperity to the firm.

Khaled Mohamed PE

Principal & CEO, The Ordering Force

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